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Sharing the Adventure

The e-mail newsletter for those who love the outdoors.

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The email newsletter for those who love the outdoors.

Sharing the AdventureAdventure & Exploration
Share the adventure, from the Himalayan foothills to your own backyard.

National Parks and Travel DestinationsNational Parks
Unearth beautiful national parks and travel destinations from around the world.

Fascinasting Wildlife and NatureNature & Wildlife
Discover fascinating wildlife and incredible new species. Nature, it's crazy!

Outdoor Gear and Fireside FeastsGear & Cooking
Learn about state-of-the-art gear and how to cook a fireside feast worthy of the Ritz.

Hiking and CampingHiking & Camping
Explore the best places to hike and camp. Outdoor fun for the whole family!

Outdoor SportsOutdoor Sports
Hear about outdoor sports like Kayaking, Cycling, Climbing and... Mooseback riding?